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Travelling on the river used to be the easiest way around Bangkok (albeit those parts by the river or canals) though the Skytrain is arguably now easier. Still the River Bus or River Taxi Service is a fast and cheap way to see parts of Bangkok.

There a number of stops for this service from below Sathorn Bridge all the way north to Nonthaburi. The landing stages have reasonable maps and information. Some boats in the rush hour stop at fewer stops - these used to be indicated by one or two flags, but I was not sure that this still occurred on my last visit.

There is also a recent introduction of a fast 'tourist' service - fewer stops, more expensive and thus avoided by locals. Less crowded, but you have to put up with a tedious undecipherable description of the sites that you pass!

The only problem is knowing where to get off; use a map (eg the excellent Nancy Chandler's Map of Bangkok), the guides at the landing stages and the signs on the landing stages when you approach. The staff on the boats do not speak English!

Excellent to get to most of the main sites; the Grand Palace, Wat Po, Wat Arun, Wat Suthat, River City Shopping Centre, and several of the main hotels (eg Oriental and Shangri La). Note that for some sites (eg Wat Arun) you will also need a cross river ferry.

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