One of the oldest temples, built in the 17th century. Despite Bangkok's numerous modern skyscrapers, Wat Arun still dominates its stretch of the Chao Phraya river and can be seen from many parts of Bangkok.

It is a beautiful temple, rightly visited by most tourists to Bangkok - but most of them don't look beyond the main prank (tower). Wander around; there are still some peaceful areas. The demons guarding one of the chapels are most impressive.

There are a number of increasingly steep stairways up the main prank - the last frighteningly so! Most visitors used to crawl up the last stage. Unfortunately the upper stairs have been closed off for the last few years, preventing any spiritual gain from mastering them - as well as superb views over Bangkok.

Take a private long-tail boat to get here (a small landing fee will be charged) or the Express River Taxi to Tha Tien (Wat Po landing stage) and then a cross river ferry (will only cost you a couple of Baht). Very central so can easily be combined with visits to the Grand Palace or Wat Po. Beautifully lit up at night making a great photo from one of the evening river cruises.