Golden Mount
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Wat Suthat is not so well known as Wat Po but is one of the best to visit. It is very much a 'working' temple and is a tranquil place within Bangkok.

My favourite!

Wat Benjamabophit, usually called the 'Marble Temple' is worth a visit. Off the usual tourist routes.

Wat Po is famous for the enormous Reclining Buddha - but don't forget to wander around the rest of this superb temple.
Famous massage school also sited in the grounds, worth a visit for the brave!

Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. Superb situation on the bank of the Chao Phaya river.
Don't just visit the main chedi, the rest is well worth a walk around.
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Wat Po
Wat Arun
Marble Temple
Wat Suthat

The Golden Mount is man-made! Wat Sakhet is the temple at the summit.

Superb views of Bangkok make the effort getting to the top well worth while!

Four more temples, with the tallest. the longest reclining and a solid gold Buddha, and a turtle pool!